Trypanosoma cruzi transmission risk index (TcTRI): an entomological indicator of Chagas disease vectorial transmission to humans

S. Catalá, L.B. Crocco, G.F. Morales

    The goal of this project was to obtain an index of Chagas disease vectorial transmission to people living in infested houses. The proposed measure is an entomological indicator that estimates the number of risky bites that a human being receives per night. Based on very simple techniques, the method combines control measures--the use of fumigant canisters-- with fast and accurate methods to look at the physiological and parasitological stage of insects. The index can be used to compare the importance of different vector species in Chagas transmission and also, as an entomological indicator of transmission risk in vector control programmes.

Keywords: Chagas disease, Triatoma infestans, Vectorial transmission