Population biology of Rhodnius domesticus Neiva & Pinto, 1923 (Hemiptera:Reduviidae) under laboratory conditions.

Guarneri AA, Carvalho Pinto CJ, Schofield CJ, Steindel M (1998)  

    The entire life cycle of Rhodnius domesticus, fed weekly on mice, was studied under controlled conditions. Aspects related to hatching, life time, mortality, feeding behaviour and fecundity for each stage of the insect life-cycle were evaluated. The hatching rate observed in 100 eggs was 57% and the mean time of hatching was 15.6 days. Forty-six nymphs (80.7%) completed the cycle and the mean time from NI to adult was 93.8 days. The average span in days for each stage was 12.4 for NI, 9.8 for NII, 14.2 for NIII, 16.8 for NIV and 25.0 for NV. The number of bloodmeals in each nymphal stage varied from 1 to 3. The mortality rate was 12.3% for NI, 3.5% for NII and 1.7% for NIII and NIV nymphs. The mean number of eggs laid per female in a 9-month period was 333.1. Average adults survival rates were 287.6 +133 and 328 + 73 days for males and females respectively.