Revalidacao de Triatoma garciabesi Carcavallo, Cichero, Martínez, Prosen & Ronderos, 1967 (Hemiptera-Reduviidae)

Jurberg J, Galvao C, Lent H, Monteiro F, Lopes CM, Panzera F, Pérez R

    Authors revalidate Triatoma garciabesi Carcavallo, Martinez, Cichero, Prosen & Ronderos, 1967, considered as a synonym of Triatoma sordida (Stal, 1859) since Lent & Wygodzinsky, 1979. Main differences between these two species are found in the morphology of the head and genitalia as well as in isoenzimatic and citogenetic patterns.

Key words: Triatoma garciabesi, revalidation, T. sordida