Torrealbaia martinezi, Gen. nov. sp. n. da tribo Cavernicolini (Hemiptera - Reduviidae): uma abordagem filogenética

Carcavallo RU, Jurberg J, Lent H

    Authors describe a new genus as a new species of Triatominae belonging to the tribe Cavernicolini, from Venezuela, State of Portuguesa. Some intermediate characters between the tribe Cavernicolini and other subfamilies of Reduviidae are very notorious in the new genus, as the cubital vein divided forming an additional cell between the chorium and the membrane, quadrangular shaped, and the ocelli in the inner line of eyes, they remind the subfamily Harpactorinae. The new genus has the ocelli behind the typical anteriorly curved line that join the eyes, which is a difference with the two known species of the former genus of the tribe, Cavernicoloni Barber, 1937, that present the ocelli on the line. Another difference is the rostrum, stronger than in other Triatominae with the exception of the Rhodniini Psammolestes Bergroth, 1911, with intermediate charactres berween a predator and a hematophagous bug.