Una Nova Espécie de Triatoma do Estado do Rio Grande Do Sul, Brasil (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

Jurberg J, Silva Rocha D, Seixas Lorosa E, Vinhães M, Lent H 

    Triatoma carcavalloi, a new species of genus Triatoma Laporte, 1832, was collected in human dwellings in the Municipalities of Santana do Livramento, Canguçu, Jaguarao e Dom Feliciano, well separated between them, taking a large geographical area of the State of Rio Grade do Sul, Brazil. The new species has similar color pattern with T. rubrovaria (B1anchard, 1843) and with T. circummaculata (Stal, 1859). However, to separate the new species from that of  Blanchard is easy because the different relationships between structures of the head, the presence of conspicuous discal tubercles, the extremely wide connexivum in proportion with abdominal lengh and the convex ventral surface of the abdomen in T. carcavalloi, some differences in the female genitalia and several other characters. From the species of Sta1, the most important differences are the proportion and shape of rostral segments.

Key words: Chagas' disease - Triatominae - Triatoma carcavalloi sp. n.