Yeast culture volatiles as attractants for Rhodnius prolixus: electroantennogram responses and captures in yeast-baited traps

MG Lorenzo, G. Manrique, HHR Pires, MG de Brito Sánchez, L Diotaiuti, CRLazzari 

    Responses to air currents carrying volatiles from yeast cultures were measured by means of electroantennograms (EAGs) in the haematophagous bug Rhodnius prolixus and we tested yeast-baited traps in the laboratory. The volatiles liberated by yeast cultures generated a clear electrophysiological response, much higher than that obtained during stimulation with clean air. The addition of yeast cultures to the traps dramatically increased overnight capture. A modification performed on the traps was effective for this species, as the bugs were immobilised once they fell into the device. Our results demonstrate that yeast culture volatiles are attractive for R. prolixus. The results obtained by means of electroantennogram techniques represent the first electrophysiological evidence of the perception of yeast volatiles by the antennae of a triatomine bug. We discuss the relevance of our results in view of currently used sampling techniques and control strategies.

Keywords: Rhodnius prolixus, Yeast-traps, Electroantennograms, Baits, Chagas disease