1. The ECLAT Coordination team will consider proposals for the award of up to five prizes per year, each of US$1000, for distinguished work on the biology and control of Triatominae in Latin America. The award is open only to nationals of Latin American countries who are members of the ECLAT network or who work in association with an ECLAT project. European and US members of the ECLAT network are not eligible, and nor are members of the Coordination team itself (Coordinator, Co-coordinator, Regional Coordinators).

2. Awards can be proposed at any time by any ECLAT member (including the coordinators). The proposal should include a brief CV of the candidate with list of relevant publications, together with a signed statement prepared by the proposer which describes the work for which the award should be considered. The proposer should also include a statement of the candidate’s current employment and salary, since this will also be taken into account in considering the award. Proposals should be submitted to the appropriate ECLAT regional coordinator.

3. Proposals for ECLAT awards are confidential, and should be seen only by the proposer and the Coordination team. Awards will be made to candidates who, in the opinion of the Coordinators, have made a meritable contribution to the work of the ECLAT network and who have conformed to the ideals and collaborative spirit of the network, but preference may be given to suitable candidates who may be experiencing financial difficulties.

4. Successful candidates will be notified via the ECLAT member who prepared the proposal. At this time, the successful candidate should provide details of the Bank account where the award is to be received. Successful candidates will also receive a formal letter from the Coordinator, and may mention the award on their Curriculum. No person may receive an award more than once per calendar year.